VIVISKY mural 2 yeux Minions Dentifrice Distributeur et porte brosse à dents Set automatique de dentifrice Squeezer (Jaune) opinion

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VIVISKY mural 2 yeux Minions Dentifrice Distributeur et porte brosse à dents Set automatique de dentifrice Squeezer (Jaune)

This Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder Set integrates multiple functions in one, Minions big mouth can automatically to squeeze out the toothpaste, micro hold hands is cleverly designed into the toothbrush holder,big belly is the cup,a magnet is positioned in the cup and the cup also has dustproof and anti water function.


1.Remove the toothpaste cover and insert the head of the toothpaste into Minion’s head. As long as the toothbrush into the mouth of a push will be squeezed out of toothpaste. Quantitative extrusion of the required toothpaste, convenient and quick, squeeze the whole process of toothpaste do not touch the toothpaste tube, more health, reduce the amount of toothpaste toothpaste tube to a minimum, more economical.
2.Cup body upside down design, effectively prevent dust and water, using magnetic adsorption, automatic positioning design, take more convenient.
3.Creative fist shape, suitable for double use, uses food grade silica gel, removable cleaning, clean and health.
4.Hook can be used to repeat the shift, can be waterproof, moisture-proof. The hook can be used again after washing to dry if it getting dirty and it has through long-term load test 2KG.
5.Unscrew the small yellow man’s head, can remove the entire product, convenient cleaning, please remember that part of the each part, if forget, look at the picture for re assemble. You will find that this is a very good brush suit when you can skillfully us.


Size: 158*100*195mm
Weight: 302g
Metarial: ABS


1* Toothpaste Dispenser
1* Toothbrush Holder
1* cups
Wall Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder Set.
3-in-1: Toothpaste Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder and cup.
Toothpaste Dispenser: Totally hans-free, easy to clean and tidy.
Cups: The upside down cup dry fast and dust free.
Toothbrush Holder: Magnet inside help back to the original place; Can hold two toothbrushes.

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